What Health Benefits Can I Expect From Belly Dancing?

My name is Zoe, I have been doing belly dance for eight years now. It was actually recommended to me by my chiropractor! Do you know that belly dancing is among the best type of fitness I can do to improve my fitness; and not to mention my self-esteem?

For a long time, I have let myself go, I developed constant back pain. I needed to be mentally and physically fit, which is something I decided that need to change in my life. I am not a professional belly dancer though. Belly dancing is a way for me to express myself, a way for me to improve myself and my overall well being. It is an avenue for me to vent as well.

Here are some of the benefits I get from my years of belly dancing:


Relief joints and back pain through belly dancing

This is the natural outcome from belly dancing, as belly dancing involve a lot of hip movements, such as hip circles, drops, fast and gentle movements, it help exercising the body ligaments and strengthening of the back bones.

These movements also increase the natural lubrication within these joints, and such that it will help relief stress on my back. My muscles are toned, unlike sedentary lifestyle, my posture improved. With a strong back, it maintained a natural curvature on my back bones.


Strength Of My Bones

My constant movement during my belly dances; is continually creating some extent and work out for my legs. These types of motion prevent and strengthened my entire body.


Belly Dance Is A Low Impact Exercise

Belly dance is a graceful, beautiful and exotic dance. This type of dance is actually working out the entire body in a natural way. There is no opposing force exerting onto my body. As one might say … going with the flow. Belly dances make use of my entire body, from pelvis, abdomen, spine neck and etc. Women as well as men of all ages will get the benefit of belly dancing. Because of the natural movement of belly dancing, it will maintain the natural formation of my posture.


Will Belly Dancing Help To Loose Weight?

No doubt to me that belly dancing is among the best know exercises. When correctly practised, belly dancing can burn up in excess of 350 calories in an hour. Off course the calories burnt will be depended on the intensity of the dance. Needless to say, I have also started to be conscious on what I eat.


Building My Self-Esteem With Belly Dancing

The feminine and artistic movements of belly dancing gave a much needed boost in my positive outlook and my feeling of sensual freedom. Sensuality is a desired quality for these type of dances, I feel comfortable to explore the many beautiful ways my body can move. During my dances I feel free to express my physical and emotional existence.

I feel my body becomes graceful when practicing the critical movements, but proper instruction is essential. Naturally I feel a little heightened empowerment and sense of elegance in my dances. This delightful feeling remains with me even after the class, which make me to look forward to the next class.

A Way To Keep Fit